2021 January 28th Minutes

Quarterly meeting of the Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends Board

Held at 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 28, 2021, via a Zoom meeting


Meeting was called to order by president Heather Haas. 

  • Roll call was held and a quorum was declared present.
    Present: Board members Heather Haas, Becky Cotant, Krista Dunn, Sallie Wright, Ashley Hughes and Jennifer Burden. Also present was program coordinator Sharon Miller and assistant program coordinator Breean Waller.
  • Coordinator report: Sharon reported that so far this school year we have distributed 2,100 bags. We have pantries in the schools now, so we are likely reaching more kids than in previous years. Breean is working with school POCs to determine how many students we are reaching with our pantries. 

Sharon reported that our income in 2020 was $51,924, which more than doubled our income from 2019. Our expenses for 2020 were $22,681, compared to $9,620 in 2019. So far in 2021, our income is at $11,941 and expenses are $3,277. Our cash balance is $61,226, $10,000 of which is COVID money with restrictions.
Our yearly costs for labor and accounting are $28,250 (30 hrs/pp, need to add mileage), which accounts for 73% of the budget. Fresh food is $10,000 (coming from IGA and DJs), Quickbook is $300 and office supplies are $250, for a total annual expense of $38,800.
Sharon reported that we are working with Jen Schroefel at Accounting by the Book. She charges $25/paycheck (every two weeks) and $50 a quarter for state and federal filings.
Sharon spoke with Jake Jones at Northern Wyoming regarding potentially insurance policies. He said there were two types we should consider: general liability that would protect the business from suits due to negligence; and officers and directors, which protects individual board members from lawsuits. Each would cost about $1,00 a year. 

Sharon, Heather and Becky held a three-month performance review for Breean. She is doing fantastic. She will also have a six-month review in March, and then annually. The position has been a little more than 10 hours a week. Breean is working on taking over bookkeeping. 

    1. Committee reports – Food/Menu: Becky reported that she has taken Breean through the process of ordering foods so she can be our backup. Becky said she’s optimistic about food supply right now as there are a lot more choices than a year ago. 
    2. Committee reports – Public Relations/Marketing: Jennifer reported that we sent out ask letters in November and had a positive response. She gave kudos to Breean for printing and mailing all of the letters.
      Jennifer asked the group if they wanted to place a “thank you” ad in the Bulletin for 2020 donors. Ashley said the Bulletin was willing to donate dollar-for-dollar, which means a ¼ page ad would cost $300. The concern is that we didn’t ask donors if they wanted to be recognized. The group decided it was best to put together a generic “thank you to our donors” ad for this year and include a box in the ask letters asking donors to check it if they wish to remain anonymous. The same box will go on the website. 

      1. Action item: Heather will work with Greg to put a “check box” on the donation page of the website. Jennifer and Ashley will work on a “thank you” ad for the Bulletin. 
    3. Committee reports – Fundraising: Heather reported that we still plan to hold the Race for the Rest of Us fundraising event after COVID calms down. We have received several grants this year, including one from the Wyoming Community Foundation, Hazel Patterson and the Wyoming Hunger Initiative (Jennie Gordon). Heather said individual thank yous are being sent out to all of our donors.
      Ashley said the deadline for the Littler Trust grant is coming up. 

      1. Action item: Ashley will look at what we’ve done in the past for the Littler Trust application, determine the deadline and touch base with Heather and Sallie. 
  • Old business:
      1. The board discussed adding a new member. The board received two applications and spoke with those individuals prior to the board meeting. Because the board could only choose one individual but received two great applications, there was discussion of one day forming a parent advisory committee. Becky made a motion that we appoint Kristina Anders as our newest board member. Ashley seconded. The vote was unanimous. Kristina’s term expires on Dec. 31, 2021.
  • New business: 
  • Election of officers: Krista made a motion to keep officers the same (Heather as chair, Becky as treasurer, Jennifer as secretary). Ashley seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. 
  • Heather announced that every board member needs to sign the COI policy. She will print it out and ask that board members pass it around due to COVID restrictions. 
  • Insurance policy: Jennifer made a motion to set up a meeting with Jake Jones regarding insurance policies. Becky seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. Heather will contact Jake to set up a Zoom meeting. She will ask him to put together quotes prior to the meeting. 
  • Terms: Krista made a motion to renew the terms for board members Sallie Wright (two-year term to expire Dec. 31, 2022), Jennifer Burden (two-year term to expire on Dec. 31, 2022), and Ashley Hughes (one-year term to expire Dec. 21, 2021). Becky seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. (Board members being voted in recused themselves from the vote.) 

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned. 






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