2023 July 22 Special Board Meeting Minutes

Special Board Meeting Minutes  – July 22, 2023  Present Members:  Becky Cotant, Kristina Anders, Mike Hanson, Jennifer Lompe, Sallie Wright, PJ Rozema Called to order 1:45pm  Board Application:  Jennifer made a motion to approve Kristina Duarte as new board member, PJ 2nd the motion. Motion approved. Breean will contact Kristina and invite her to the […]

2023 January 26 Minutes

January 26, 2023 Meeting called to order at 5:15 PM In attendance:  Heather Haas, Becky Cotant, PJ Rozema, Sallie Wright, Kristina Miller, Jennifer Lompe, Mike Hanson, Sharon Miller, Breean Waller PJ made a motion to elect Kristina as secretary of the board, Sallie seconded the motion, voted & passed. Becky made a motion to approve […]

2022 August 19 Minutes

August 19, 2022 meeting      Present: Heather Haas, Sallie Wright, Sharon Miller, PJ Rozema, Breean Waller, Jenn Burden, Becky Cotant via Zoom Called to order at 9:13 a.m.  Still waiting on minutes from the previous meeting, the board will approve at the next meeting. Coordinators report – Sharon  Funding status: When people donate through […]

2022 January 27 Minutes

Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends January 27, 2022 Meeting Location: Offices of Great Divide Fabrication, 75 N. Main St. Attending: Sharon Miller, Sallie Wright, Kristina, PJ Rozema, Heather Haas, Becky Cotant, Jennifer Burden and Breean Waller (by phone)    Heather called the meeting to order.  Danielle and Wendy with Century 21 presented a $400 check […]

2021 August 26 Minutes

Quarterly meeting of the Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends Board Held at 4:30 p.m. on August 26, 2021 Meeting was called to order by president Heather Haas.  Roll call was held and a quorum was declared present. Present: Board members Heather Haas, Sallie Wright, Becky Cotant, Krista Dunn, Kristina Anders and Jennifer Burden Approval of […]