2021 May 27th Minutes

Quarterly meeting of the Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends Board

Held at 4:30 p.m. on May 27, 2021, at Cloud Peak Elementary School


Meeting was called to order by president Heather Haas. 

  • Roll call was held and a quorum was declared present.
    Present: Board members Heather Haas, Becky Cotant, Krista Dunn, Sallie Wright, Kristina Anders and Jennifer Burden. Also present was program coordinator Sharon Miller.
  • Kristina Anders, our newest board member, was introduced. 
  • Heather read the minutes from the January board meeting. Sallie made a motion to approve the minutes. Krista seconded. The motion passed unanimously. 
  • Heather read the minutes from the insurance meeting held on April 7, 2021. Becky made a motion to approve those minutes. Kristina seconded. The motion passed unanimously. 
    1. Coordinator report: Sharon reported that Wyoming’s First Lady Jennie Gordon would be touring FFF next Tuesday. Sharon recently presented to the Wyoming Community Foundation, and she will give the same presentation to Jennie with minor tweaks. Sharon said she expects the pantries saw around 500 visits each week. For some kids, it might be their only source of nutrition. Bev Boden is taking over for Donna at BHS. Chris Houseman is also helping, as well as Tiffany Songer. Karen at the Food Bank of the Rockies want to know how they could help. Sharon told them the kids love beef jerky. Breean has been talking to the local meat processors. We need someone to pay for a beef and give us a break on processing, as well as be able to have them individually wrapped. Heather mentioned that we need to be conscious of the pantries not cutting into the school lunches – this is something we will watch as time goes on. One idea was to close the pantries during the lunch hour. Sharon will bake cookies and have bottled water available for Jennie’s visit. All board members were asked to attend if possible. The first grab and go bags will be available next Friday and will be handed out at Meadowlark Elementary along with school lunches. Those will continue each Friday through June. Sharon reported that 2020 was a big year in terms of donations. So far, income is at $24,000 and expenses are at $21,000. Most of our expenses are on food and about $5,000 in payroll. Sharon presented our grant history. Sharon and Heather represented FFF at the New West graduation. There were 18 graduates, which is amazing! 
    2. Committee reports – Food/Menu: The board discussed having a high school group sign up to unload food from pallets when we receive them. The driver comes the last Wednesday of every month except if it’s a holiday. We need to check to make sure bread packets aren’t moldy. 
    3. Committee reports – Public Relations/Marketing: Nothing to report.  
  • Old business:
      1. The board discussed The Race for the Rest of Us. Jennfer will check if we can hold it at the same time/location as the Klondike Rush and have the route lead to the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. 
  • New business: 
  • Heather presented the Well Being Survey for CPES students. She received 222 responses out of 250 students. The percentage of students were are hungry on the weekends because they don’t have enough food was around 30% in 2018, this year it was at 12%, which could definitely be the result of FFF. 
  • FFF will pack weekend bags every two weeks for July and August and have them available for pickup at Cotant’s. There was discussion of also have a distribution point at the pool or the park. 
  • Compass is the lead for pool passes. If we know of anyone, send them to Compass (Kassahn Mathson). Can Ashley put a flyer from Compass in the food bags? 
  • The board will hold its annual retreat from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 24 at the TA Ranch. Heather will check with Kirsten to see if that date is available. Sharon will email Sallie a copy of last year’s presentation so Sallie can take the lead for this year’s retreat. 
  • Heather said we should consider what kind of organization we want to be and how we use plastic bags moving forward. 
  • The board discussed having a copy of vehicle insurance cards for our teenage drivers. Sharon will chat with Breean to reach out to advisers of the volunteer organizations. 
  • The board discussed its options for insurance coverage. The board agreed it does not need general liability coverage. Krista made a motion to accept the D&O and accident policies for a total cost of $1,093 a year. Sallie seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. An anonymous donor will make a $1,000 donation to cover that expense. Heather will call Jake. 
  • The next board meeting will be July 24 (annual retreat). The next meeting was scheduled for August 26, but could potentially be pushed back.


There being no further business to discuss, Kristina made a motion to adjourn. Krista seconded. The motion was unanimous, and the meeting was adjourned. 





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