2023 January 26 Board Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2023
Meeting called to order at 5:15 PM
In attendance:  Heather Haas, Becky Cotant, PJ Rozema, Sallie Wright, Kristina Miller, Jennifer Lompe, Mike Hanson, Sharon Miller, Breean Waller
PJ made a motion to elect Kristina as secretary of the board, Sallie seconded the motion, voted & passed.
Becky made a motion to approve minutes from previous meeting, Kristina seconded the motion, voted & passed.
Coordinators’ Report
Sharon presented the finances and Breean shared how we have grown over the past year.
Committee Reports
Food (Becky/PJ/Breean) – Food bank – $1300 per month – we can get fresh items which could be used by New West and Head Start. It is luck of the draw with what we get.
Public Relations/Marketing – Kristina will get with Breean regarding how she can help.
Fundraising (Heather and Sallie) –
Hughes Grant Proposal Ideas – food truck for deliveries & prep and serve summer meals to children
                  -Project protein/school pantries – funded for up to three years
                  -Full time program coordinator
                 – Grant was turned in TUES 1/24 will know by 2/14
                 -We can reapply every three years
                 -1st Lady’s Hunger Initiative
Empowering Families
Climb Wyo. Fliers in Bags
Old Business 
      -Cotant Dentistry Work Party reschedule – Blue Ribbon 4H Club can help, set a date for June
      -Board trainings – share out, recordings
      -Mini food pantries – joint effort between JC-FFF & Bread of Life
      -Pictures for website
New Business
      -Review board terms and officers – PJ made a motion to leave as is, Sallie seconded, voted & motion passed
      -Conflict of Interest Policy review & signatures obtained
     -Race for the Rest of Us – begin planning for next year – discussion – first weekend in June – June 3 at 4:00
             -Mike suggested adding a 5K option – might pull in more people
            -Kristina will call the Chamber and see if we can get put on their calendar
     -Mike – Chef Sam Bayliss- could we help? Asking for $1500
                      -Becky says we can look at what is available for food bank to order
                      -Mike will send a list to board members
At 6:49 PM Kristina made a motion to adjourn the meeting, PJ seconded – all voted – motion passed.





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