Celebrating Sharon Miller’s Outstanding Contributions to Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends.

Sharon Miller: A Remarkable Force for Good in Buffalo Community

Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends (JC-FFF) was truly fortunate to have had Sharon Miller as their dedicated program coordinator for an extended period. When she made the move from sunny San Diego to Wyoming, Sharon was not just eager to meet the community; she was determined to make a meaningful impact. Her journey of service began by volunteering her time and expertise to various organizations like the Jim Gatchell Museum and PEO. Still, her most enduring commitment was as the volunteer program coordinator for Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends.

Recognition from the Wyoming Hunger Initiative:

Recently, the Wyoming Hunger Initiative organized an extraordinary all-day retreat in Gillette, Wyoming, bringing together programs and non-profits working tirelessly to combat hunger across the state. As part of this event, programs were encouraged to nominate volunteers who had gone above and beyond in their efforts. The highlight of this gathering was a special dinner where First Lady Jennie Gordon personally recognized these exceptional volunteers.

JC-FFF’s Honored Nomination:

In this backdrop of gratitude and recognition, Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends proudly nominated Sharon Miller for her unwavering dedication throughout the years. Sharon played a pivotal role in not only getting Friends Feeding Friends off the ground but also ensuring the program ran smoothly during its initial startup years.

Sharon’s contributions were immeasurable:

1. **Hands-On Dedication:** Sharon’s commitment to the cause was palpable. She was always there, ready to set up the packing table, fill food bags, and even haul those heavy tubs to schools around town – even in the challenging Wyoming winters.

2. **Organizational Expertise:** With a knack for Excel spreadsheets, Sharon kept meticulous track of grants, maintained the program’s books, and provided essential reports to the board. Her attention to detail ensured the program’s financial stability and growth.

3. **Going Above and Beyond:** Sharon’s involvement extended far beyond her official role. She wore many hats and contributed more than words can express. Her dedication to the cause was unwavering and inspirational.

Accepting the Award on Sharon’s Behalf:

At Thursday’s event hosted by the Wyoming Hunger Initiative, Sallie Wright and Breean Waller had the privilege of accepting this well-deserved award on behalf of Sharon Miller. It was a moment of pride for our organization, a moment that beautifully celebrated the incredible impact she had on Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends and the Buffalo community as a whole.

Sharon Miller’s legacy is one of selflessness, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.




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