A Heartwarming Feast: Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends and New West High School’s Thanksgiving Tradition

Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends (JC-FFF) has once again joined hands with New West High School to create a memorable Thanksgiving experience for its students. The annual New West Thanksgiving, a heartwarming tradition, brings students together for a festive meal that goes beyond the ordinary.

JC-FFF played a pivotal role in making New West Thanksgiving a reality by purchasing and picking up all the ingredients needed for the various Thanksgiving dishes prepared by the dedicated teachers. The organization’s contribution didn’t stop there; they generously provided three turkeys, ensuring that the students could savor the Thanksgiving centerpiece, and hopefully having enough left over to send home with the students. The collaboration between JC-FFF and New West High School exemplifies the power of community coming together to create something truly special.

We want to give special thanks to Chanda Rule, James Waller, and the Anson family for their efforts in cooking the turkeys to perfection. Thank you, Myra Camino for providing the essential gravy and to all of the teachers and staff at New West who brought sides and dessert.  Together it was the perfect holiday meal.

New West High School has always strived to create a loving, safe, and encouraging environment for its students to succeed. The New West Thanksgiving is a testament to this commitment, offering more than just a meal. It’s a moment for students to come together, share laughter, and build memories in an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home.

As we reflect on the success of another New West Thanksgiving, it’s clear that the collaboration between Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends and New West High School is a shining example of what can be achieved when a community comes together. Beyond the delicious food and festive atmosphere, it’s the love, support, and sense of community that make this event truly special. Here’s to many more years of heartwarming traditions and community-driven initiatives that leave a lasting impact on the lives of students at New West High School.




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