Getting by with a little help from our friends at JCHC!

In the close-knit community of Buffalo, the spirit of compassion and care resonates strongly. One shining example of this is the Johnson County Health Care Wellness Program, whose dedication to the well-being of the community has left a mark. Today, we extend our deepest gratitude to them for their incredible contribution to the Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends program.

The Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends program has been a beacon of hope for many families facing food insecurity. Their commitment to ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry is truly commendable. Recently, we were fortunate to witness an extra layer of support coming from the Johnson County Health Care Wellness Program.  This awesome team has come several times to fill weekend bags for the Friends Feeding Friends program. These bags, filled with essential items, make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

The collaboration between the JCHC Wellness Program and JC-FFF exemplifies the power of community coming together for a common cause. It highlights the interconnectedness of health and well-being, showcasing how various aspects of care—both medical and social—can combine to create a stronger, more resilient community.

As we express our gratitude to the JCHC Wellness Program, we also extend our appreciation to all CNA’s and nurses who contribute tirelessly to the betterment of Johnson County. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and the impact you have on the lives of our friends and neighbors is immeasurable.

We thank you!




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