Thank you Paula Campbell and Suzi Black!

Every once in a blue moon, JC-FFF will have a scheduled volunteer group unable, or accidently forget to show up.   This week we would like to thank our new on-call packing team Paula Campbell and Suzi Black, who so graciously showed up to help program coordinator, Breean Waller fill over 130 bags of food for the weekend.

“When working with a group 4-6 people, the packing sessions take 20-30 minutes, but if you are packing them alone, it takes a whole lot longer.” Waller said with a smile.

“I was scheduled to meet up with the ladies to go and practice the steel drums.  When I called and let them know, I was going to be longer than expected because I was filling bags, they didn’t even hesitate in offering to come down and help me finish the job.  I was so grateful. ” Breean said.

The best part was the ladies enjoyed it so much, that they offered to be the on-call packing team for JC-FFF.

So, a big big thank you to Paula and Suzi for showing up, helping out, and agreeing to help us again in the future.  People like you are why our community is so special.




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