Warm Thanks to Buffalo Christian Academy Students for Their Cold-Weather Help

In the heart of Wyoming, where the winters can be as challenging as they are beautiful, there’s a group of young heroes from Buffalo Christian Academy who recently braved the elements to lend a helping hand to Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends (JC-FFF). As the first winter storm of the season descended upon Wyoming, these compassionate students were on the front lines, unloading a large food truck delivery from the Food Bank of Wyoming.

A Lifeline from the Food Bank of Wyoming

Every month, JC-FFF receives a substantial load of food from the Food Bank of Wyoming, which is essential to fulfilling their mission of making sure no child goes hungry in Johnson County.  These food deliveries are a lifeline for many families in Johnson County, the food is used for the weekend food bags as well as keeping the city wide mini-pantries stocked.  The generous contributions from the Food Bank play a vital role in ensuring that no one in our community goes to bed hungry.

This month, the students from Buffalo Christian Academy took it upon themselves to unload the food truck, despite Mother Nature’s icy grip. Wyoming’s winter can be harsh and unforgiving, but these young individuals demonstrated their resilience and dedication by standing in the cold, unwavering in their commitment to helping their neighbors in need.  The dedication of these students doesn’t end with unloading the truck. After braving the winter elements, they continue their work by helping to sort and organize the donated food. Heavy boxes and canned goods find their rightful places in the storage unit, ensuring that the food remains easily accessible to those who require it.

The warmth of the hearts of these Buffalo Christian Academy students shines even brighter in the face of the cold. Their selfless efforts make a world of difference for the families and individuals who depend on the services of JC-FFF. The willingness of these young individuals to go the extra mile to serve their community is truly inspiring.

On behalf of Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends, we extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to the students of Buffalo Christian Academy. Your dedication, even in the harshest weather, exemplifies the spirit of community, compassion, and selflessness. You are the shining stars that make our community stronger, and we are incredibly grateful for your invaluable support.




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