2018 September 25th Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Meeting

Board of Directors of Johnson County-Friends Feeding Friends

The first annual meeting of the Directors of the above non-profit organization was held on September 25, 2018, at 4:30PM at Cloud Peak Elementary School, at Buffalo, Wyoming.

The purpose of the meeting was to select board members, to elect officers and a program coordinator, and to organize the first distribution of weekend meals which will include food from The Food Bank of the Rockies.

I. Quorum. A quorum was declared present based on the presence of the following directors: Heather Haas, Greg Haas, Sallie Wright, Yoland Graslie, Krista Dunn, and Becky Cotant.

II. Election of Directors. The following persons were elected as Directors for the terms provided by the bylaws:

Heather Haas 3 year term

Becky Cotant 3 year term

Krista Dunn 3 year term

Sallie Wright 2 year term

Jenn Skaggs 2 year term

Yolanda Graslie 1 year term

Patsy Wirth 1 year term; replacing Greg Haas who resigned

III. Election of Officers. The following Officers were elected. All offices are for one year terms:

President: Heather Haas

Secretary: Patsy Wirth

Treasurer: Becky Cotant

IV. Election of Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator is not a member of the Board of Directors.

Program Coordinator: Sharon Miller

V. Committee Leads: Committee Leads, along with the Program Coordinator, will establish the duties of the committee. The Lead will work with program volunteers as needed.

Volunteers: Sally Wright

Fundraising: Heather Haas and Jenn Skaggs

Food Menu: Becky Cotant

PR/Social Media: Krista Dunn-

Greg Haas agreed to continue to help with the internet programs he created.

VI. Documents.

Bylaws: The JC-FFF Bylaws were approved by the foundational Board of Directors listed in the above quorum list with the addition of Jenn Skaggs. The newly elected Board of Directors agree to abide by the current bylaws and acknowledge that the bylaws may be amended.

Conflict of Interest: Greg Haas drafted a Conflict of Interest document and requested the legality of it be checked before the board puts it to a vote of approval.

Greg also recommended a form be created for Disclosure of Conflicts. The concern being overlaps of interests that arise when living in small communities.

VI. Food Distribution.

All students in Johnson County have been notified about the Friends Feeding Friends program and may sign-up to be included in the weekend meals.

Blessings in a Backpack has provided around 3000 snack packs to include in the weekend meals.

October 3, 2018 will be the first delivery of foods from The Rocky Mountain Food Bank. The food will be delivered and stored in a downstairs room of the Cotant Dentistry building at 620 South Main Street, Buffalo, Wyoming.

Food will be bagged on Wednesdays. This will allow Kaycee schools and Head Start to get their bags on Thursdays. Buffalo schools with get their bags on Fridays.

VII. Upcoming Topics.

Community Presentations: Sallie Wright will supply current list of community entities that may be interested in donating time to packing the bags or donations of funds. Groups of two or more Board Members need to be formed meet with these groups to explain the goals of JC-FFF and what we are doing to reach those goals.

Complete Ask Letter for Fundraising and complete Thank You letters.

Find a date for “The Race for the Rest of Us” fundraiser

Purchase office supplies that are necessary for us to function.

VII. Next Meeting. The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on

January 22, 2019, at Cloud Peak Elementary School.

There being no further business, the meeting was duly adjourned.


Patsy Wirth





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