Finally, Getting the Weekend Food to the Kids!

The last, and most improtant, step to this whole process is getting the food into the children’s hands and tummies!  Key people who make this happen include:

Absaroka Head Start in Buffalo – Julie Kaufman and staff

Kaycee Elementary – Rosemary McGivney and past helpers Kyla Christensen & Dana George (stay tuned for this upcoming year’s helpers)

New West High School – Myra Camino, Tara Hall and Mike Hanson

Meadowlark Elementary  – Kathy Zorbas (pictured here), Lisa Stine, Laurie Graves and Anna Merritt and Jen Strong

Cloud Peak Elmentary – Heather Haas, Sherry Zurcher, Craig Anderson, Brandee Myers and Lisa Peterson

Clear Creek Middle School – Jen Skaggs and Sharon Iverson

Buffalo High School – Michelle Dahlberg, Madonna Esponda, Bev Boden, Chris Houseman, Becca Redden and Ellie Jawors


Thank you to all those mentioned and forgotten – we appreicate everyone of you!




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