2022 November Special Meeting Minutes

November 28, 2022 Special Board Meeting (Via Zoom)

Present: Heather Haas, Sallie Wright, PJ Rozema, Kristina Anders
and Jennifer Lompe

New business:
Board Resignation. A motion was made by PJ to accept the resignation of Jennifer Burden. Discussion was held regarding all the good work Jennifer has done and the vacancy she left for the Secretary position. Filling that position will occur at the January 2023 meeting. The motion was seconded by Sallie. It passed unanimously.
Board Application. A motion was made by Jennifer L. to invite onto the board, Mike Hanson. Discussion followed, noting that Mike has been closely involved with JC-FFF through his role at New West High School. Absent board members and program coordinators are in favor of Mike being on the board. The motion was seconded by PJ. It too passed unanimously.
Heather shared that the last CVC Board training will be held tomorrow. A link will be shared via email and GroupMe.
Heather also said that great progress has been made on the Mini Food Pantries and that once the stickers with the BLFP and JC-FFF logos arrive we can start placing them around town and filling them.

As no further business was needed, the meeting was adjourned.





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