307 Netradio Interview with JC-FFF.

Enjoy this interview with 307 NetRadio, sharing updates on Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends.


307 NetRadio provides information and audio for our community to help you make wise decisions. We record and post unedited and unaltered meetings of local community interest. Our experts conduct regular and ad hoc interviews with key community people on a wide range of issues.

People need a place where they can quickly and easily find out more about the issues and decisions that are made locally and affect us all. 

Listen to how decisions were made through our comprehensive audio coverage of meetings and interviews with decision-makers and others so that you can find out why things are going the way they are.

307NetRadio is a hub for information and entertainment about all things local.   Whilst we are not a news-breaking platform we follow newsworthy events or issues that of relevance or interest to residents and visitors to our community.

Thank you 307 NetRadio!




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