2023 May 25 Board Meeting Minutes

JC-FFF Regular Board Meeting 

MAY 25, 2023

Meeting called to order at 5:22 PM

In attendance:  Heather Haas, Becky Cotant, PJ Rozema, Sallie Wright, Kristina Miller, Jennifer Lompe, Mike Hanson, Sharon Miller, Breean Waller


Sharon was celebrated for all her work and dedication to JC-FFF.  Good luck in CA!

PJ made a motion to approve minutes as read from the January 2023 meeting.  Sallie seconded.  Motion passed

Coordinators’ Report (Sharon and Breean)

  • Reported that we currently have a loss of $6,879.
  • $23,319.72 pending grants
  • Food truck project up and going.  Travis Hetland of Hetty LLC working on it.  First payment of $25,000 paid to him to get him started on materials and labor.  Half now, half later.
  • Total bags going out this past school year = 4,811
  • We need to file a 990-N since we have more in the bank now.
  • Blessings in a Backpack costs $1000-$1400 per month during the school year.
  • Free mini Food Pantries -we have sponsors now.  Looking into how to advertise signs and possibly brand each box to match the sponsor.

Committee Reports

  • Food Truck Committee – Heather and Breean road tripped to CO and purchased a blue 2022 Ram Promaster for $48,000.  Travis Hetland to complete fabrication (see above).  Completion July or August.  Lawyers Crago looked over the contract with Travis and it’s good to go.  Looking into insurance quotes.  Food that goes in the food truck has to be in cold storage.  Considering a mini fridge at Cotants as things start up for the project. 
  • Hiring Committee – Recommended that we hire Breean for 75% time as Program Coordinator and then hire a Program Administrator to manage office type items and financials.  Position offered to Bonnie Rogers but after two weeks, it was decided that it wasn’t a good and Bonnie was let go.  Will need to look for a replacement.
  • Race Committee – moving ahead for June 3, 2023 Race date.  Breean is working on ordering banners, getting ads on the radio, etc.  Have $6,400 in sponsorships so far.  Discussed day of race jobs.  Board will meet at 3 pm the day of Race to set up.
  • Food/Menu Committee – Totes of Hope is the program through Wyoming Food Bank.  They’ve requested we use this name and their brand for marketing purposes.  Not making a current order.  Need to get rid of old stuff first.  JCSD1 summer school programs have requested food (cuties, apples, crackers, pb crackers).
  • Grant committee – Hughes completed just doing cost tracking now.  Wold is on hold.  Wyoming Community Foundation grants are ongoing.  Discussed partnering with other entities to enhance grant research.  Buffalo Chamber?  Wyoming NonProfit Network (Sharon signed us up and paid for this one, thanks Sharon!) and WYO Gives? 
  • Free Mini Food Pantry Committee – discussion on how they are going (see above).

Old Business 

  • Cotant Dentistry Work Party reschedule?  Becky will let us know.
  • New West Grant Collaboration.  New West would like to be more self-sufficient and focus on having food staples and making their own foods.  Would like to replace sugary snacks with a more healthy model. 

 New Business

  • Looking ahead to this summer’s Strategic Planning Retreat.  Would like the ladies from Compass for Families/CASA to facilitate. Looking at  Saturday, July 22nd at the TA Ranch with lunch included.  Breean will look into facilitators and venues.  
  • Hiring of Program Administrator.  Is Steve Rasza still available?  Heather considering stepping down from the board.  Is interested in maybe applying for the Program Administrator position.  Board and Breean discussed pros and cons. 
  • Heather tendered her resignation, effective immediately.  PJ motioned to accept the resignation, Jennifer seconded it.  Motion passed.  Heather then left the room as the Board discussed the Program Administration position. Upon return, Heather was offered the position, pending a completed application.  Board then discussed filling the open Board president position.  Jennifer motioned that Becky Cotant take over as President and Sallie Wright as Treasurer.  PJ seconded the motion.  Motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:51 pm.  





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