2023 October 4 Special Board Meeting Minutes

Special Board Meeting Minutes  

October 4, 2023

President Becky Cotant called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm.

Members present: (via zoom) Becky Cotant, Sallie Wright, PJ Rozeman, Jennifer Lompe, Mike Hanson and Kristina Duarte. Heather Haas, program administrator also present.

Approval of Minutes from meetings on May 25, 2023, July 22, 2023 and September 21, 2023:

PJ moved to approve the three sets of minutes as presented.  Jennifer seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

New Business

  • Becky tendered her resignation, effective immediately.  Mike moved to accept the resignation, PJ seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  Much thanks to Becky for her years of service and co-founding of JC-FFF.
  • Jenn Burden has applied for the open board position.  Application shared via email.  Jennifer moved to accept Jenn’s application.  PJ seconded.  Motion passed.  Welcome Jenn!
  • Website Update:  Greg Haas submitted a bid to build a new site with existing information but updated themes.  Sallie moved to accept Greg’s bid.  PJ seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Van Wrapping:  Heather described the current options for Van Wrapping.  One company has two quotes, going from $800 to $2000.  Jennifer expressed interest in the more expensive one but wondered why it was so much more.  Board suggested we gather a few more quotes and then make a more informed decision.  Also interested in knowing how long the wrapping will take to finish.  Heather and Breean will work on finding more information and then sharing that with the board. 

Old Business

  • Becky asked what happened with the hunt for funds to replace the Blessings in a Backpack/Susan Patrick funding.  Heather shared that Breean had communicated with Molly Hughes of the Hughes Charitable Foundation and requested that we use some of the funds from the Protein Project for snack packs since Governor and First Lady Gordan had donated a beef.  Molly was agreeable to the substitution.  In addition, Breean is looking into other grants that might be able to cover the costs, approximately $20,000.

Next meeting September 21, 2023.  Jennifer made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Mike 2nd that motion. Meeting adjourned, 8:00 pm





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