Buffalo Christian Academy helps unload the monthly Food Bank of Wyoming delivery.

Every month, Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends (JC-FFF) eagerly anticipates the arrival of the Food Bank of Wyoming’s food delivery. This vital resource ensures that local families in need have access to nutritious meals. However, the smooth operation of this program wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable support of our volunteers.

We recently had the pleasure of working alongside the students of Buffalo Christian Academy, and we couldn’t be more thankful for their dedication and hard work. The young volunteers from this remarkable institution stepped up to help unload the monthly food delivery.

“It really is a lot of food to unload and put away.  I couldn’t do it without the help of these great kids, said program coordinator, Breean Waller.

Volunteers are the backbone of JC-FFF, and their contributions are priceless. They bring not only their time and effort but also their enthusiasm and passion to the table. The involvement of young individuals like those from Buffalo Christian Academy is particularly heartwarming, as it instills the values of compassion and community service at an early age.

The work that these students put in is a true testament to their character and the guidance they receive from their school and families. By lending a helping hand to JC-FFF, they are making a difference not only in the lives of those they serve but also in their own lives. They are learning the importance of empathy, cooperation, and selflessness, qualities that will undoubtedly shape them into responsible and caring citizens.

On behalf of Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends, we want to express our deepest gratitude to Buffalo Christian Academy for their unwavering support. Your hard work and dedication are making a real difference in the lives of our community members. With your continued involvement and the support of other compassionate individuals and organizations, we can ensure that no one in Johnson County goes to bed hungry.

Thank you, Buffalo Christian Academy, for being shining examples of kindness and generosity. Your efforts are truly appreciated, and together, we can continue to make our community stronger and more caring than ever before.




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