Cheers to Our Heroes: The BHS Student Delivery Team!

We want to give a resounding shout-out and a heartfelt “Thank You” to our dedicated BHS student delivery team!

Every Wednesday evening, various groups and businesses from Johnson County come together to fill bags for Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends. “Currently, we are filling about 130 bags a week,” said Program Coordinator, Breean Waller.

Have you ever wondered how all these bags reach their intended destinations? For years, the community groups that graciously filled bags on Wednesdays were also responsible for transporting tubs of these bags to the school locations throughout town on Thursday mornings.

Waller explained, “What we found was that our older volunteer groups stopped participating because they struggled with the heavy lifting required for food bag delivery. So, it became my mission to find a group of strong, healthy students who would be willing to take on this task every week. With the assistance of school counselor Michelle Dahlberg, we were able to assemble a team of students ready to tackle this challenge.”

Without further ado, we introduce the BHS delivery team! We are immensely grateful for your dedication and service to Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends. Your commitment and hard work ensure that families in need receive the support they require, and your willingness to step up makes a world of difference. Thank you, BHS delivery team, for your invaluable contribution to our community!


Brady Engling, Eli Patterson, Gretchyn Farris, Caleb Spangler, Maddie Ludwig,  Ayva Duarte, Not Pictured Kenley Jones, Tera Boden

Back up Delivery Team; Wyatt Waller and Izzy Haas




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