Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends Joins the Spooky Fun at the Annual Monster March!

When Halloween season rolls around, the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce’s Monster March is a highly anticipated event that brings joy, excitement, and a touch of spookiness to our community. This year, Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends (JC-FFF) was thrilled to be a part of the festivities, adding a dash of compassion and community spirit to the mix.

JC-FFF is a dedicated organization that provides weekend food bags to children in need and collaborates with the Food of Life Food Pantry to keep six mini-food pantries stocked with essential supplies for the community. In keeping with their mission of making a positive impact on the lives of those around them, they eagerly joined in the Monster March to spread the word about their work and offer a treat or two.

At this year’s Monster March, it wasn’t just the ghouls and goblins who were turning heads; it was the kids in their costumes who stole the show. With their adorable and spooky ensembles, they brought an extra layer of magic to the event. JC-FFF set up a table, and in the midst of the Halloween festivities, they managed to capture a few of these little trick-or-treaters.

Board member Sallie Wright and Program Coordinator Breean Waller represented JC-FFF at the event. They were all smiles as they handed out pretzels to the enthusiastic trick-or-treaters. The joy on the kids’ faces was infectious, and it was heartwarming to see them so excited for their Halloween haul.

Breean Waller, Program Coordinator, shared her thoughts on the experience: “It was such a joyful experience, getting to see all of the kids dressed up and smiling, and it is such a great way to reach the community and let them know who we are and what we do.”

Indeed, the Monster March was not just about collecting candy but also about connecting with the community and raising awareness about the vital work JC-FFF does. By participating in such community events, organizations like JC-FFF can reinforce their presence and purpose, and, in turn, make a positive difference in the lives of those they aim to support.




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