Krazy Kritters 4-H Club Thrives and Gives Back!

The Krazy Kritters 4-H Club is on fire! Their enthusiasm and commitment to making a positive impact on our community have reached new heights. How do we measure their success? Well, we had to split their 4-H club into two separate weeks just to accommodate the sheer number of eager volunteers. Why? Because our storage facility couldn’t contain the overflowing energy and passion of these young changemakers!

It’s truly heartening to witness our 4-H programs flourishing and becoming invaluable assets to our community. The dedication of these youngsters not only reflects positively on the club but also on the spirit of giving back that we aim to instill in our youth.

Nothing brings more joy to Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends than seeing kids actively contributing to the well-being of their peers. The decision to split the Krazy Kritters 4-H Club into two weeks wasn’t just a logistical necessity; it was a testament to the impact these young minds are making.

Kids, with their boundless energy, have the remarkable ability to turn even the simplest tasks, like packing bags, into lively and joyful activities. The positivity they bring to their volunteering efforts is infectious, creating an environment where giving back becomes a celebration.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Krazy Kritters for their incredible dedication and hard work. Your willingness to volunteer and your stellar performance in helping fill bags for those in need is truly commendable. As we see our 4-H programs thriving, it reaffirms our belief in the power of youth to shape a better future for us all.

So here’s to the Krazy Kritters 4-H Club—may your passion for community service continue to grow, inspiring others to join in and making our community an even better place for everyone. Keep up the fantastic work!




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