ANB Bank we thank you!

We’ve got a whole lot of gratitude to share with you today. Our friends at ANB Bank partnered with Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends this past week to spread a little extra love and support to those who need it most.

Picture this: a team of dedicated volunteers, armed with enthusiasm and bags full of goodies, working together to make a positive impact on our community.  These bags, packed with love and care, are making their way to families who could use a helping hand, ensuring that no one goes without over the weekend.  Their support goes beyond financial transactions; it’s about creating connections and fostering a spirit of compassion that ripples through our town.

So, here’s to ANB Bank for being more than just a financial institution – thank you for being a true friend to Johnson County! Your dedication to giving back is a shining example of the positive change that can happen when businesses and communities come together.

Until next time, spread kindness like confetti! 🌟✨




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